Becca Olsley Smith

I am Rebecca, a chef, baker, recipe developer and tester, food stylist, independent baking/catering business owner and newbie gardener. I am eclectic in style and personality.  I like to think of myself as a good balance of hippie and “trill” as they say.

A Kentucky native, I live close to family and spend as much time with them—and friends—as possible.  My relationships are very important to me; I believe in investing and giving time to others. I often find the best way to do this is to get together with food, cocktails and/or desserts.  There is always a good time to be had with that combo!

When I’m not cooking and baking, I am searching for fun, new DIY beauty projects. I am obsessed, for sure. I am becoming a lover of yoga. In another life I was a world-renowned dancer. I’m a sucker for a good thunderstorm and a full moon (swoon!). I also love taking my toddler to the park, music events, art classes, or just snuggling up to read together. I like to keep it simple, but exciting. Love, fun, and learning through the journey are the life goals.

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Damaris Phillips

I love to cook in the kind of way that has me waking up in the middle of the night with an recipe idea that I must try. Before I started making food television, I was a culinary instructor and recipe developer for local restaurants. Although I love filming, there are days when I miss my classroom and students more than I can say.

I believe that everyone can cook if they practice, which is good because I also believe that cooking with others is one of life’s great joys. That is why I work to make recipes that are from the mind of a chef but tailored to the home kitchen.

When I am not in the kitchen I am making memories. Finding treasures at yard sales, singing my heart out at karaoke, testing new board games, learning; sometimes it is tap lessons sometimes it’s the it’s how to make paper flowers. I will choreograph a dance routine, make costumes, bake 30 different types of cupcakes, write a choose your own adventure story. I will curate a parade, a croquet match, or a picnic at the drop of a hat and fill a room with 300 balloons if it makes someone smile. The truth is, spreading delight is my most favorite hobby in the world.

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Nikki Dinki

My name is Nikki Dinki, and yes, that’s my real name and I’m damn proud of it. I’m also a proud New Yorker of 16 years; a proud chef, TV host, and cookbook author; and a proud gardener, wife, and yogi.  But what brings me the most pride (and joy!) are my two amazing babies and the love I share with my husband and family.

For me, the only goal in life is to be happy. To go to bed each day thinking, now that was a good day. Even so, the realist in me knows not every day can be a good day. And the pessimist in me says having a good day every day is unattainable.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep trying.

I strive to figure out what makes a happy day for me. I’ve come to realize it’s a personal thing and it changes as I change. So I challenge myself to find the happy—to dig deep sometimes and figure out what’s going to do it for me. Every. Day. 

My food is a great source of happiness; it allows me to be creative, to share and socialize, and to relax. I aim to present vegetables in clever and innovative ways, while limiting the amount of meat on each plate. For me the vegetables are always the star of the meal. And while the meat is still undoubtedly tasty, it’s more often than not…on the side.

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Terra Nelson

Hey! I’m Terra; I currently live in Nashville, TN with my husband and two furbabies.  I am a Freelance Chef, Food Stylist, Event Designer, Wanderluster, and Avid Wino.  

You may have seen me on Season 1 of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship, or as a guest on my sweet friend Damaris’ show, Southern at Heart.  When I’m not in the kitchen, you will find me exploring the outdoors, hosting dinner parties, or at the gym working off all of the desserts I’ve eaten. 

My love affair with food began when my Mamaw took me on a trip to England; I was 6 years old, and still remember eating every buttery flake of my first croissant.  I find most great memories happen around a delightful table with great food.  Cheers to the places we find each other!

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