Becca Olsley Smith


" Love, fun, and learning through the journey are the life goals."

- Becca


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I am Rebecca, a chef, baker, recipe developer and tester, food stylist, independent baking/catering business owner and newbie gardener. I am eclectic in style and personality.  I like to think of myself as a good balance of hippie and “trill” as they say.

A Kentucky native, I live close to family and spend as much time with them—and friends—as possible.  My relationships are very important to me; I believe in investing and giving time to others. I often find the best way to do this is to get together with food, cocktails and/or desserts.  There is always a good time to be had with that combo!

When I’m not cooking and baking, I am searching for fun, new DIY beauty projects. I am obsessed, for sure. I am becoming a lover of yoga. In another life I was a world-renowned dancer. I’m a sucker for a good thunderstorm and a full moon (swoon!). I also love taking my toddler to the park, music events, art classes, or just snuggling up to read together. I like to keep it simple, but exciting. Love, fun, and learning through the journey are the life goals.