Challenge #59: 10-Ingredient Date Night IN


Okay ladies,

So I have a double challenge for us this week. Not only do I want us to try to do a 10-ingredient challenge...

But I want it to be a date night, which is doubly hard because it’s always hard to make a date feel like a date when you’re at home.

Soooo, let’s do it! Can we do it?

Ten-ingredient entertaining. Date Night.

That’s it. Okay, goodbye!

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Challenge #45: 10-Ingredient Pumpkin Chili


Hey Ladies!

Okay, fall—it’s officially in full swing. And that means PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!

Here’s what I recently saw online…pumpkin chili. Now I believe that veggies make all things better, but I didn’t really know how I felt about this one.

So I thought why not do a 10-ingredient entertaining challenge where we all make some pumpkin chili.

As a reminder, that means you get ten ingredients to make your chili and anything else you that you want to serve at the meal.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Hopefully the chilis are good. And if not, you know I want to hear about it anyway!

Alright, 10-Ingredient Entertaining Pumpkin Chili coming your way!

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Challenge #40: 10-Ingredient Vacation Memory


Hey Everybody!

So this week’s challenge is a Labor Day food inspired challenge. I asked the girls to re-create a dish from their past that reminded them of trips they used to take with their family.

We always used to go to the beach and each family would always take a night to make dinner and my family always made pasta.

Check out the Web site to see what we’ve cooked up for you this week!

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Challenge #31: 10-Ingredient Kentucky Derby Party


Okay, ladies, I have a challenge for you today!

Oh look! There’s somebody trying to creep into my video!

     “Hello, Joe!”

     “Yo, what up?!”

     “Are you ready for me?”

     “Are you FaceTiming?”

     “No, I’m making a video telling people that this week the challenge is to do a 10-Ingredient Derby Party. That’s right, you have to throw a Derby party but only use ten ingredients.”

     “I’ve never heard of a Derby party.”

     “Have you ever thrown one?”

     [Vigorous head shake by Joe.]

     “He has never thrown one!”

     “I’ve heard of one, but I’ve never thrown one.”

     “You can throw one even if you’re not in Kentucky. You can watch the race, you can have the food, you can do it all in ten ingredients...Or can you? I don’t know, that’s the challenge. Goodbye!”

     “Are there drinks involved?”

     “Always drinks involved! C’mon!”

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Challenge #27: Ten-Ingredient Party Favors


Alright, it is time for a new challenge, and this week’s challenge, ladies, is going to be about party favors!

We have a few baby showers coming up in my friends’ circle here in Louisville…

And I know it’s about to be wedding season…

And some people are trying to get inspired to figure out favors for their guests!

So, this week I’m thinking we should come up with party favors. Let’s put this in the ten-ingredient entertaining category and see what you guys can come up with.

Alright, I’m looking forward to seeing those favors, ladies. Ten ingredients or less! I think you can handle it. ;)


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