Challenge #63: Air Fryer Recipe


Well, hello!

It is that time to come up with a new challenge for Bluebird and Blackberries!

And I am here in my kitchen, and I happen to have borrowed an air fryer from my mom, because I’ve been curious about these things for so long, and I wanted to check it out before I buy one for myself.

I am a person who loves comfort food, and even though we don’t do a lot of meat or dairy, we still love fun foods like everybody else.

So I thought it might be fun to come up with and create a recipe for my daughter—who can’t have dairy, and we don’t do meat. I wanted her to have something like other kids get to have when they go to a ballpark or to an event or a picnic.

Let’s see what you guys come up with!

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Challenge #61: 30-Minute Meal Prep for the Week


Hey Ladies,

Alright, I’m sitting here…I just had dinner…I’m watching TV.

I’m just feeling like I’m in a bit of a dinner rut. Every time I go to make dinner, I’m just tired and it’s late, and I just kind of don’t care enough to really make anything.

I know meal prep is such a “thing” right now, so I’m just wondering what’s behind it…Is it helpful? Do you have to be super organized?

I thought we could all jump into some meal prep this week! Maybe we spend 30 minutes—thirty minutes meal prepping and we see what happens; we see what kind of tips and tricks you might have for everyone. And for me!

So, let’s jump into it! Whaddya think?

Alright, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Challenge #57: Pressure Cooker Recipe


Hey Ladies!

Can you believe how many people now have pressure cookers?! It’s kinda crazy.

I mean, I never had one before, but everyone kept talking about it, so I got a Ninja Foodi. It’s a pressure cooker and an air fryer, but it works just like the Instant Pot that a lot of people are using—hey, maybe better?

So I thought we could all dive into some pressure cooking! I’m just getting familiar with it...

Let’s see what we come up with, and let’s see if this CRAZE is gonna last forever or be the next thing by the wayside.

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Challenge #54: 20-Minute Truffles


This week I challenged the girls to make chocolate truffles in 20 minutes or less for Valentine’s Day.

For me, time is so limited. So any chance I can get to make something while the baby‘s asleep—I really try to take advantage of it.

I can’t wait to see what the other girls come up with!

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Challenge #53: 20-Minute Ramen


Hey Ladies!

It is so cold out! The other day Damaris and I were looking at Kelsey Nixon’s Homemade Thai Coconut Ramen on her site. It looked so good!

What is it about ramen that just warms your belly?!

What we loved about Kelsey’s recipe is that it was really, really simple, but still really special.

So here’s what I’m thinking—we all do some ramen dishes this week. You can go as fancy or as not-fancy as you want as long as it’s done in 20 minutes or less. Quick and easy!

Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. I can always use more ramen recipes!

I think I’m gonna go a little old school—back to the package for mine.

We’ll see what I come up with, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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Challenge #49: 20-Minute Cookie Exchange


It is holiday time! That means parties, get-togethers, family traditions—all that good stuff with all kinds of gatherings going on.

And usually at least one of those is going to be a cookie exchange or dessert exchange of some sort.

So, for this week’s challenge, how about we do a quick-fix cookie exchange recipe!

Let’s see what we’ve got, ladies!

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Challenge #47: "Fancy" Thanksgiving Mac + Cheese


This week I challenged the girls to a Fancy Mac and Cheese Contest!

Can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with! It’s the perfect weather for such a warm and hearty food.

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Challenge #38: 20-Minute Freezer Meals


Hey Ladies!

Okay, so, we’ve got babies—my twin babies—coming home real soon. And I’m starting to panic a little bit, because not only do we have babies coming, but we’re also moving to the suburbs, so the food options are gonna be a lot more limited—when it comes to take out and delivery—than it is in Manhattan.

I’m thinking maybe you guys could help me out and give me some great ideas of some recipes that are short and simple, don’t take more than 20 minutes, and are things I can stockpile in the freezer so I feel really good about having things for all winter long.

I’d love to hear your ideas!

I appreciate the help, and I will talk to you ladies soon!

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Challenge #34: 20-Minute Candy/Chocolate!


I am walking around the grocery store here at Fresh Time in my city.

And I was just going down the aisle here with all the bulk items. And there’s tons of candies, and nuts, and all that good stuff, and it got me thinking, how fun would it be to do a challenge for candies this week that are homemade?!

Let’s make it a 20-minute! Let’s see if we can make a candy or chocolate in 20 minutes or less!

Alright, guys—get to work! Bye!

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Challenge #26: March Madness 20-Minute Slam Dunk Recipe!


Hey Everybody!

So this week I’m challenging the girls to a 20-Minute Slam Dunk March Madness recipe.

I love March Madness and hanging out with all of my friends, and can’t wait to see what the girls come up with that’s so delicious, easy to cook, and just makes the perfect pairing to watch any basketball game—even if your team doesn’t make it to the end of the tournament!


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Challenge #14: 20-Minute Meal from Nikki's Cookbook


I am in charge of the challenge this week and I have something that I think you’re gonna like—especially Nikki! It is to make a 20-minute meal from Meat on the Side!

Here’s what I’m thinking:

In my life, I’m looking for balance. I’m trying to balance work and play and family and friends. I’m also trying to balance my cooking. It’s hard with how much I travel—I’m either cooking zero or I’m cooking for hours—because I just miss cooking when I’m away.

But that means that I’m not having a ton of 20-minute or 30-minute meals—meals that are quick and easy and delicious. So, I’m looking to Nikki for inspiration. I’m going to take one of the 20-minute meals from the cookbook and make it. And that’s your challenge this week, too!

Find one of those meals, make it, and enjoy it! And that’s it! It’s a totally easy one, but something that we can all use in this new year.

Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!


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Challenge #5: Halloween Party!

Becca Halloween 1.jpg

Halloween time is here!

I love getting the chance to dress up as some ridiculous person or character—just for the fun of it!

While I’m not necessarily as great at costume ideas and execution as say, Damaris (she is legit awesome at it, guys!), I still get a kick out of it and I do try my best.

And at Halloween-time, along with the costumes come the parties! Yay!

If you’re like some of my friends and me though, this particular holiday brings about a lot of last-minute planning. In general, I usually like to have a plan. But I can’t always be organized and have it together (because…I’m human!).

So I like to have some easy ideas that I can throw together in a hurry…

For this week’s challenge, I’m asking the group to give quick—20 minutes or less—recipe ideas for foods they could bring to a Halloween party.

I can’t wait to see what these ladies will contribute to keep our holidays both low-maintenance and fun!

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