Challenge #14: 20-Minute Meal from Nikki's Cookbook


I am in charge of the challenge this week and I have something that I think you’re gonna like—especially Nikki! It is to make a 20-minute meal from Meat on the Side!

Here’s what I’m thinking:

In my life, I’m looking for balance. I’m trying to balance work and play and family and friends. I’m also trying to balance my cooking. It’s hard with how much I travel—I’m either cooking zero or I’m cooking for hours—because I just miss cooking when I’m away.

But that means that I’m not having a ton of 20-minute or 30-minute meals—meals that are quick and easy and delicious. So, I’m looking to Nikki for inspiration. I’m going to take one of the 20-minute meals from the cookbook and make it. And that’s your challenge this week, too!

Find one of those meals, make it, and enjoy it! And that’s it! It’s a totally easy one, but something that we can all use in this new year.

Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!


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