Challenge #31: 10-Ingredient Kentucky Derby Party


Okay, ladies, I have a challenge for you today!

Oh look! There’s somebody trying to creep into my video!

     “Hello, Joe!”

     “Yo, what up?!”

     “Are you ready for me?”

     “Are you FaceTiming?”

     “No, I’m making a video telling people that this week the challenge is to do a 10-Ingredient Derby Party. That’s right, you have to throw a Derby party but only use ten ingredients.”

     “I’ve never heard of a Derby party.”

     “Have you ever thrown one?”

     [Vigorous head shake by Joe.]

     “He has never thrown one!”

     “I’ve heard of one, but I’ve never thrown one.”

     “You can throw one even if you’re not in Kentucky. You can watch the race, you can have the food, you can do it all in ten ingredients...Or can you? I don’t know, that’s the challenge. Goodbye!”

     “Are there drinks involved?”

     “Always drinks involved! C’mon!”

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