Challenge #33: Memorial Day Potluck


Hello, Ladies!

It is Memorial Day Weekend coming up. I could not be more excited, because I feel like we had no spring here in New York.

I’m ready to jump right into summer. I always head to Fire Island for Memorial Day, so I’m thinking that we could do an All About the Jack$ons Challenge, so no more than $20!

And a Memorial potluck dish—you know, what would you bring to a barbeque or a party, or whatever you guys like to do on Memorial Day! I’d love to hear more about that, too!

So let’s do a Memorial Day potluck dish—something easy, something less than $20. And more than anything, I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day!

I’m gonna check out this film set that’s happening right in my neighborhood!

Alright, guys, have fun! Enjoy the sun!

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