Challenge #42: Organizing Spices for a Jack$on


Hey ladies!

Alright, so, this is it! This is my new kitchen. And obviously, there’s a lot more space than my apartment in the city…

So I’m super excited to finally get organized. I’ve had dreams of organization for years! And the one thing I really want to tackle is my spice cabinet…

I have so many spices. So I’m really hoping that you guys can help me out—show me some of your ideas! What do you do to organize your spice cabinets?!

And hopefully it will give a lot of ideas to people out there who are also looking to organize this time of year.

 Oops, there’s a bee in here! Apparently, in the suburbs, there are a lot more bugs, too!

Alright, I’m gonna go tackle that. You guys tackle this challenge, and I’ll see ya later!

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