Challenge #5: Halloween Party!

Becca Halloween 1.jpg

Halloween time is here!

I love getting the chance to dress up as some ridiculous person or character—just for the fun of it!

While I’m not necessarily as great at costume ideas and execution as say, Damaris (she is legit awesome at it, guys!), I still get a kick out of it and I do try my best.

And at Halloween-time, along with the costumes come the parties! Yay!

If you’re like some of my friends and me though, this particular holiday brings about a lot of last-minute planning. In general, I usually like to have a plan. But I can’t always be organized and have it together (because…I’m human!).

So I like to have some easy ideas that I can throw together in a hurry…

For this week’s challenge, I’m asking the group to give quick—20 minutes or less—recipe ideas for foods they could bring to a Halloween party.

I can’t wait to see what these ladies will contribute to keep our holidays both low-maintenance and fun!

Challenge Submissions!