Challenge #58: Makeup Brush Cleaning



It is finally spring, you guys!

And with spring, usually comes spring cleaning…

I thought this week our challenge could be a little bit of a different kind of “spring cleaning.”

Something that I realized recently that I have neglected is my makeup brushes. I only started really wearing makeup in the last year or two a little more frequently, and I’ve realized that’s an area where I needed help with the spring cleaning.

So I am taking on the challenge of figuring out a really good way to keep these makeup brushes clean—which, in turn, will keep my skin clean!

I am one that likes to use lots of oils, so I have rose hip oil, I have a glow oil that I like to use, and sometimes even sweet almond oil. I use those for oil cleansing or just moisturizing, and they can all really “gunk up” my brushes!

That’s why I wanted to take on this challenge and figure out how to get those brushes clean!

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