Challenge #61: 30-Minute Meal Prep for the Week


Hey Ladies,

Alright, I’m sitting here…I just had dinner…I’m watching TV.

I’m just feeling like I’m in a bit of a dinner rut. Every time I go to make dinner, I’m just tired and it’s late, and I just kind of don’t care enough to really make anything.

I know meal prep is such a “thing” right now, so I’m just wondering what’s behind it…Is it helpful? Do you have to be super organized?

I thought we could all jump into some meal prep this week! Maybe we spend 30 minutes—thirty minutes meal prepping and we see what happens; we see what kind of tips and tricks you might have for everyone. And for me!

So, let’s jump into it! Whaddya think?

Alright, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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