Challenge #72: CBD Oil


Hello Bluebird + Blackberries,

This week, I am challenging the girls to a post about CBD oil. It is something that has been on the market for awhile now. It's become very popular and trendy. However, I have tried a few of them, and I have found in the last year, for it to be very beneficial for me.

So I'm curious to see what the girls think when they try it. In my post, you'll see that I write about a brand called Kōkua, which I love. And then I recently was gifted this Green Remedy brand, and actually find it to be almost comparable to the other brand.

It pays to do your research, and talk to someone knowledgeable about these things, but it's definitely worth a try. Obviously, talk to your doctor—make sure it's all good.

But, let's see what the girls say!

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