Challenge #8: Rockin' Black Friday—for $20 or less!


I love Black Friday shopping!

Now I'm not sure whether you're into it, but I think if you hunt through the deals, the shear amazing-ness of it all will make you a convert. There really are some great finds out there!

I know what you're thinking though: is it all just TVs and electronics? Or can you still clean up on Black Friday with gifts under $20?

Here’s my challenge:

Find your favorite Black Friday sales that will set you back no more than one crisp twenty dollar bill.

And don’t worry, if you don't love fighting the crowds, you don't even have to brave the stores! All of the Black Friday circular ads are already online, so you can go ahead and browse without ever leaving your couch!

Stretch, drink lots of water, and remember—keep your eyes on the prize and...FIND THOSE DEALS!

Happy Shopping!

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