Challenge #4: Damaris Wrote a Book! Let's Cook!


Damaris and I have talked about her writing a book for years. She is a secret genius and when it came to writing a book, she had almost one-too-many incredible ideas.

But as this particular idea gradually came to fruition, it became immediately clear to everyone that this was the perfect first book for Damaris.

And now the book is finally here!

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy is the most beautiful, smart, thoughtful, sentimental book I’ve ever seen. When you open this book and read all it has to offer, it's so obvious you're learning from an expertand yet all the while it feels like you’re just hanging out with your best friend.

The book follows Damaris' relationship with her vegetarian husband, and how his lifestyle has changed the way she cooks; she has learned to adapt her favorite Southern dishes for him (true love!).

The book has inspired me time after time as Damaris shares her unique plant-based versions of classic Southern disheswhile also providing her original heirloom recipes.

So what better way to celebrate Damaris' accomplishments than to get cooking! I challenge all of us (including the author!) to cook up their favorite recipe from the book and give us all the delicious details.

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