Challenge #43: Mythical Makeup


With Halloween approaching, I thought it would so much fun to challenge the girls to a Mythical Makeup Challenge!

Let’s just say it’s much harder than I thought, and I think I’ll have to stick to these Instagram filters instead…

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Challenge #42: Organizing Spices for a Jack$on


Hey ladies!

Alright, so, this is it! This is my new kitchen. And obviously, there’s a lot more space than my apartment in the city…

So I’m super excited to finally get organized. I’ve had dreams of organization for years! And the one thing I really want to tackle is my spice cabinet…

I have so many spices. So I’m really hoping that you guys can help me out—show me some of your ideas! What do you do to organize your spice cabinets?!

And hopefully it will give a lot of ideas to people out there who are also looking to organize this time of year.

 Oops, there’s a bee in here! Apparently, in the suburbs, there are a lot more bugs, too!

Alright, I’m gonna go tackle that. You guys tackle this challenge, and I’ll see ya later!

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Challenge #41: Piñata Cake!


This week I’ve challenged the girls to make a piñata cake!

What exactly is a piñata cake?

The answer may surprise you!

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Challenge #40: 10-Ingredient Vacation Memory


Hey Everybody!

So this week’s challenge is a Labor Day food inspired challenge. I asked the girls to re-create a dish from their past that reminded them of trips they used to take with their family.

We always used to go to the beach and each family would always take a night to make dinner and my family always made pasta.

Check out the Web site to see what we’ve cooked up for you this week!

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Challenge #39: Vacation Accessories


Well hello, ladies!

It is almost the end of summer and we all have a couple of those last-minute vacations comin’ our way.

And so here’s my thought—whenever I go on vacation, I end up buying about a billion things, because for whatever reason, I think that I need new clothes and new accessories to go on vacation.

But how about this year, we try to up-cycle some things that we already have. So, I know I need a sun hat. I have a straw hat that’s not very cute—can I turn it into something that is vacation-worthy?

Or maybe a new cover-up? Can I make a cover-up? I don’t know.

I’m gonna try, and that’s what I’m asking you all to do. Can you make a vacation accessory out of something you already own?

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck, and happy vacationing!

Bye y’all!

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Challenge #38: 20-Minute Freezer Meals


Hey Ladies!

Okay, so, we’ve got babies—my twin babies—coming home real soon. And I’m starting to panic a little bit, because not only do we have babies coming, but we’re also moving to the suburbs, so the food options are gonna be a lot more limited—when it comes to take out and delivery—than it is in Manhattan.

I’m thinking maybe you guys could help me out and give me some great ideas of some recipes that are short and simple, don’t take more than 20 minutes, and are things I can stockpile in the freezer so I feel really good about having things for all winter long.

I’d love to hear your ideas!

I appreciate the help, and I will talk to you ladies soon!

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Challenge #37: No Makeup for a Week


Okay, Ladies!

Have I got a challenge for you!

So, you all know that I don’t love makeup, but I do wear it sometimes when I’m needing to feel pretty. But it’s been a million degrees, so I’m wondering if we can do a little experiment...

How about…

No makeup...

For a week!

One whole week—naked faces—let’s see what we learn, let’s see how we feel, let’s see how we look. Let’s just give it a try!

Okay? Can you do it?!

Chapstick’s okay!


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Challenge #36: Fourth of July Dessert


Hey Ladies,

So I am out here in Fire Island, and it’s almost July 4th, which means it’s almost my niece’s tenth birthday. That’s a big deal, not only because it’s her tenth birthday, but because I always make her birthday cake for her.

This year, like every year, I’m going to make some sort of awesome concoction covered in candy—anything to make her smile.

And she loves her sweets, so I know I gotta bring it.

I thought it’d be a really fun challenge this week to reimagine a July 4th classic dish that your family makes, or to make something special this week/weekend for somebody in your life that celebrates July 4th and the summer—whatever it might be.

I just think that it’s really fun—even pregnant—to share love through food. And that’s what I plan to do with my cake. I’d love to see what you guys cook up and who that might make smile in your family.

Alright, I’ll see what you guys are doing in a few! Bye!

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Challenge #35: Simple Summer Beauty for Under $20


Well, summer is here, and if you’re like me, you might be going through some seasonal changes as far as your skincare goes. I have allergies that tend to change my skincare routine a lot. I’m still learning, because before I didn’t really have to have a routine. It just did what I needed it to do. I guess I was lucky.

But that’s no longer the case. So I have been working really hard to figure out what works for my skin during these seasonal changes.

And with summer, even though it’s really hot and humid here in Kentucky, your skin can get dried out so easily—being in the sun, going in and out of swimming pools, and in and out of air conditioning.

2018-06-13 19.10.48-1.jpg

So I’m trying to figure out what works best for me, and one of the things that I’ve come up with is this wonderful rosehip oil. It's really healing. And sometimes I just do an oil wash with it, or a treatment. Or you can just hydrate with it throughout the day or after a shower.

So it got me thinking, ladies—what are you doing to take care of your skin this summer? How are you using beauty products to help you “beat the heat?” Let’s do this as a Healthy Beauty Challenge, but also let’s combine that with a Jack$on Challenge. See if you can keep it under a Jack$on!

Alright, let’s see what you come up with!

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Challenge #34: 20-Minute Candy/Chocolate!


I am walking around the grocery store here at Fresh Time in my city.

And I was just going down the aisle here with all the bulk items. And there’s tons of candies, and nuts, and all that good stuff, and it got me thinking, how fun would it be to do a challenge for candies this week that are homemade?!

Let’s make it a 20-minute! Let’s see if we can make a candy or chocolate in 20 minutes or less!

Alright, guys—get to work! Bye!

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Challenge #33: Memorial Day Potluck


Hello, Ladies!

It is Memorial Day Weekend coming up. I could not be more excited, because I feel like we had no spring here in New York.

I’m ready to jump right into summer. I always head to Fire Island for Memorial Day, so I’m thinking that we could do an All About the Jack$ons Challenge, so no more than $20!

And a Memorial potluck dish—you know, what would you bring to a barbeque or a party, or whatever you guys like to do on Memorial Day! I’d love to hear more about that, too!

So let’s do a Memorial Day potluck dish—something easy, something less than $20. And more than anything, I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day!

I’m gonna check out this film set that’s happening right in my neighborhood!

Alright, guys, have fun! Enjoy the sun!

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Challenge #32: A Very Special Mother's Day


Mother’s Day (and my birthday, FYI) is right around the corner!

So I was thinking that we could just do something really special to make a mother in our life feel... special.

You know, just go the extra mile for somebody who is a great mother—whether it be our own, or a friend or a family member—whatever you guys want to do!

But I think it would be really fun just to celebrate and somehow make the special mothers in our lives feel that much more special and that much more beautiful.

So let’s go out there and make someone’s mother’s day just a little bit better.

I hope, of course, everyone out there has a great Mother’s Day! You guys deserve it.

Enjoy it, and snuggle those little ones close to you.

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Challenge #31: 10-Ingredient Kentucky Derby Party


Okay, ladies, I have a challenge for you today!

Oh look! There’s somebody trying to creep into my video!

     “Hello, Joe!”

     “Yo, what up?!”

     “Are you ready for me?”

     “Are you FaceTiming?”

     “No, I’m making a video telling people that this week the challenge is to do a 10-Ingredient Derby Party. That’s right, you have to throw a Derby party but only use ten ingredients.”

     “I’ve never heard of a Derby party.”

     “Have you ever thrown one?”

     [Vigorous head shake by Joe.]

     “He has never thrown one!”

     “I’ve heard of one, but I’ve never thrown one.”

     “You can throw one even if you’re not in Kentucky. You can watch the race, you can have the food, you can do it all in ten ingredients...Or can you? I don’t know, that’s the challenge. Goodbye!”

     “Are there drinks involved?”

     “Always drinks involved! C’mon!”

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Challenge #30: Up-Cycled Furniture


Hey Everyone,

So this week’s challenge is an up-cycled furniture challenge.

I always grew up doing projects with my dad—from him working rehabbing houses to redoing furniture.

So I was really excited this week to challenge the girls to up-cycle an old piece of furniture.

I chose a dresser that was my grandmothers, and had my dad come down to Nashville to help me redo it for the nursery.

Can’t wait for you all to see it, and can’t wait to see what the other girls come up with!

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Challenge #29: Natural Cleaning Products


Alright ladies, so for this challenge, here’s what I’m thinking...

I’m kind of in Spring Cleaning Mode—it is finally spring here in New York. You can see the pretty flowers out there, behind the “Happy Birthday” sign for my daughter!

I have been trying to get a lot more natural with a lot of my things—my beauty products and what not. And I have kind of half-and-half—some natural cleaners and some that are not so natural.

I was thinking maybe we could all take on the challenge of making some of our own cleaners from home, or giving some recommendations for the best natural cleaners.

I think I kind of need to go through mine and figure out what’s good and what’s bad, because it’s a mish-mosh underneath my kitchen cabinet.

So something to do with natural cleaners for spring cleaning! I’m really interested to see what you guys come up with...Because I am a little too lazy to make my own, but I know there’s some great options out there.

Let's see what you come up with. Bye!

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Challenge #28: Spring Harvest Vintage Recipe Remix


Hey guys!

It is spring! And I am so pumped! I love warmer weather—I am a summer kid for sure. I might have been born in the spring, but I am all about the summer.

So, I am thinking that for this week’s challenge, with all of the spring harvest that is happening—fruits and veggies galore starting to grace our countertops, let’s do a vintage recipe remix and let’s find some way to incorporate some spring harvest vegetables—or fruits!—into those recipes.

Let’s see what we can come up with! Good luck!

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Challenge #27: Ten-Ingredient Party Favors


Alright, it is time for a new challenge, and this week’s challenge, ladies, is going to be about party favors!

We have a few baby showers coming up in my friends’ circle here in Louisville…

And I know it’s about to be wedding season…

And some people are trying to get inspired to figure out favors for their guests!

So, this week I’m thinking we should come up with party favors. Let’s put this in the ten-ingredient entertaining category and see what you guys can come up with.

Alright, I’m looking forward to seeing those favors, ladies. Ten ingredients or less! I think you can handle it. ;)


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Challenge #26: March Madness 20-Minute Slam Dunk Recipe!


Hey Everybody!

So this week I’m challenging the girls to a 20-Minute Slam Dunk March Madness recipe.

I love March Madness and hanging out with all of my friends, and can’t wait to see what the girls come up with that’s so delicious, easy to cook, and just makes the perfect pairing to watch any basketball game—even if your team doesn’t make it to the end of the tournament!


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Challenge #25: Donating Clothes That Make a Difference


Hey Ladies,

So here’s what I’m thinking...I was just looking at my room and there’s always a pile that I have for donating—everything from clothes to housewares, to whatever.

I kind of feel like whenever I donate stuff, I don’t really know what happens to it and I’m kind of afraid that half of it’s getting thrown out.

So I thought maybe we could donate to a more specific purpose. I just saw online that there’s a place you can donate prom dresses. I know that there’s some places where you can donate work-specific items—things for people to use in the workplace or for job interviews.

I thought it would kind of be cool if, instead of putting everything into a donation pile and hoping for the best, we could really thoughtfully go through our closets and see if there’s some items that we have that we’re willing to part with that could actually make a difference to somebody else.

Maybe we could do a little bit more with our donating and learn a little bit more about what’s out there, too.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! I gotta figure out what I’m gonna come up with, and I’ll see you guys later!

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Challenge #24: St. Paddy's Day Green Juice


Hello guys,

I’m thinking about how it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and while many of us will be indulging in things like green beer and some good, solid, somewhat-heavy Irish food—I was thinking about using something else green to detox and bring us back from all that indulgence.

And one of the things that came to mind is…

Green juice!

As you can see, there are many, many types of green juice behind me.

So I would like for this week’s challenge for you ladies to either make a green juice or try a green juice. See if you feel a difference, find out what the benefits are, maybe see if it cures you from a hangover. Who knows?

Let’s see what happens! And don’t forget—try to find yourself a nice discount. Look at these guys! $1.99? $1.49? I think we can swing that!

Alright ladies, see ya soon!

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