$20 Tacos + Therapy


I was excited for this challenge! My friend, Kelly (not pictured), had agreed to go ice skating and to a bar that serves free pizza! I was really looking forward to not only spending time with one of my best friends, but doing something new and different (not that our normal devouring of food and wine isn’t always a good time!).

But then 2018 happened, and I kind of went into a tailspin...

A combination of emotional and physical issues left me down and out, facing impossible problems I don’t even know how to begin to solve.

I’ve spent most of January bed-ridden, and as I began to feel better, I finally logged onto my computer and realized I needed to write this post...like, yesterday.

So I got off my butt and made plans with my friend, Michelle (pictured!), knowing she would be in my 'hood and knowing her advice is always the best. ♥

We sat down and spent our $20 on a cheap and cheerful lunch. We talked, I cried a little.

For $20 I got fish tacos and, more importantly, I got to leave with the mental image of my friend holding her signature cup of coffee, smiling at me and telling me it would be okay (priceless).

In the end, it wasn’t the most exciting of outingsit was just two friends, tacos, and coffee. I didn’t really want to go, I wanted to watch TV and try and forget my worries...

But for the sake of Bluebird + Blackberries, I got up and out, and I’m so glad I did.

Good friends are like gold.

Hold on to them and make time to get together.

And when you want to cry, don’t do it alone. Talk to someone.

It always makes it better. Always.

See what everyone else did ♥