A House into a Home


I have never, ever picked out furniture solely based on what I like.

I am always buying it from a thrift store, yard sale, or the flea market, and so you learn to take what you can get. This fact helps me look for the potential in each piece.

And that’s exactly what I saw in these side tables—POTENTIAL!

I found the set of them in a parking lot sale for the bargain price of $20. Solid wood, mid-central modern design, and in decent condition.

The only down side was the top! Let’s just be honest, the key lime color is AWFUL! But I bought them knowing that a can of spray paint and a couple of hours could fix everything...

That was four years ago!


About a year ago, my husband, Darrick, and I moved into a new house. It had just been remodeled and it felt fancy. Worried about decorating, I started watching HGTV design shows. I also downloaded an app for my phone that allows you to be an interior designer.

All this homework in home decorating only served to make our current furniture look shabby, mismatched, and juvenile. I wanted to feel like a stylish adult, and in my quest to have my home be “perfect,” I forgot about all the memories that Darrick and I made hunting for our furniture.

Thankfully I woke up from my fantasy. You can see the evidence in the slightly jarring green end tables in my living room.

This week’s challenge gave me just the right amount of push to tackle these side tables.


All I needed was painter’s tape and spray paint.

I had coppery colored spray paint left over from our Trim the Tree for $20 or Less! challenge, which would help my end tables coordinate with the metallic stools in our living room.


I’ve talked about this brand of spray paint before.

I find it at an arts and craft store so the quality and choice of colors is much better than if you were to get spray paint somewhere else.


Taping off the edges allows for quick and clean painting.

It takes a few minutes, but you absolutely cannot skip this step.


I did the spray painting in my back yard on top of old cardboard. In the sun the paint dried very quickly.

The tops needed three coats to get an even covering.

The tape peels off easily and is the most fun part of the whole process!


The total time investment was 45 minutes from start to finish. That includes clean-up and taking crafty blog photos.


Truthfully I love the way the tables look. I think they are awesome and really help the room look more intentionally designed.

That being said, I think it is important to remind myself of this: NEVER in the last four years did the color of those table tops EVER impact my level of happiness.

Matching or not, they are just furniture and no amount of coordinated stuff turns a house into a home.

A home happens because of the lives being lived within the walls.


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