A Mecca For the Senses


I love the farmers market. The atmosphere, the sense of community, and of course, the delicious food!

I’m a huge fan of fruits and vegetables, given they make up most of my diet.

Going to the farmers market is a Mecca for me!


The variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and even handmade prepared foods is enough to get the senses reeling.

I love to see the edible rainbow at booth after local grower’s booth of bounty.


My absolute favorite is tomatoes! There is no replacement for the flavor of a “home-grown” tomato.

I refuse to use the hydroponic kind unless it’s simply for cooking into a sauce, or some similar method that masks that watery-flavor they have.


And that’s why I like to purchase my flavor staples at the market—because they’re so much better and stronger and richer there.

Onions, tomatoes, garlic, scapes, peppers—all the things we use to elevate our dishes are super fresh at the market. This lends even more depth to the end-result of whatever dish we use them in!


Slicing up a thick, juicy, colorful heirloom tomato from the farmers market to put on a sandwich or a Beyond Meat burger is an ultimate treat for me.

A fresh tomato is the epitome of summer.

And it’s the best of both worlds—a fruit that tastes like a veggie! I am usually not a fan of a sweet and savory combo, but with tomatoes it’s totally okay by me!


I’ve grown to like spending my Saturdays at the market with my daughter, Jude, and sometimes my mother comes along as well.

Being with my mom at the market forces me to stop and really look more closely. Because my mom is blind, I pay attention to the details of the foods and describe them to her. I shop for her with my eyes and my words, and she shops for herself with her sense of touch and smell.

It ends up being a lovely experience for all of us.

And Jude gets to see all of this happening. I imagine it opens her up to new ways of thinking and understanding what’s around her.


Needless to say, the farmers market is not just a place to buy, support local, and try delicious food.

It can also be a place to experience new heights of awareness with food and senses, if you let it.

Don’t be surprised if you have to shop around a little at different markets in your area to find the right fit. It’s well worth the hunt! 


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