Valentine's Day, My Dad's Way ♥


I like Valentine’s Day, I always have. Not because I’ve had a history of wildly romantic dates, but because my dad always made a big deal about it. Every year we got thoughtful trinkets he picked up from the flea market. Or tiny diamond earrings from the pawn shop. And always there were small heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.

He gave Valentine’s gifts to everyone: my mom, all us kids, his assistant, his friends…the mail person.

He was a man who loved love, and he also loved to find treasures.

So this year I took a page out of my dad’s book and went thrift store shopping for gifts. Darrick and I decided we are going to leave Valentine’s gifts on the porches of all our friends and family. That equals a lot of gifts, but it doesn’t have to equal a lot of money.

And that is where the thrift store comes in!

Here is the thing about thrifting—it takes time because you never know what you are going to come across. We will spend a few hours on a couple different days on this project because when you are talking about treasures, you have to hunt.

Thankfully I love this.

Also, my entire family loves this! In fact, yesterday I talked my mom and my brother, Isaiah, into heading to Tickled Pink with me.

We totally scored! The gifts are very small and humble, but they are rich in thoughtfulness and understanding of the people they are intended for.

And isn’t that what we are looking to express when we give a gift? Love, understanding, and appreciation of the people who make our lives worth living. For me, a unique gift takes time and effort and those two traits are one way I receive and share love.

Here are just a few ideas for the people in your life:

A collection of porcelain gentlemen to signify the hordes of men coming into a friend’s life this year.

Tiny tea cups with blended chocolate tea for a romantic wake-up.


A velvet heart pin cushion for my aunt who loves to sew.


Vintage board games for our friends who share our passion for playing.

Gifts for cat lovers.


Delightfully fancy salt and pepper shakers for my friends who love to cook.

A heart trivet and cupid napkins to dress up our Valentine’s table.


An antique cow hanging for my brother’s kitchen.


A delicate cake stand for my sister, Morgan.


Wacky records for the love of my life, Darrick.


And above is one of my boxes of loot.

I had three boxes, which cost me a total of $95.10.

(I also may or may not have gotten myself a collectable piece of cast iron that was in desperate need of some TLC…)


So the take away is this: whatever your budget, there is a whole world out there filled with gifts that have lived one life and now are just waiting for you to come and find them.

If you give this a shot.

If you spend the time and keep your creativity handy…

This year you might just find the perfect gift.

See what everyone else did ♥