A Pamper-Packed Stocking!


It’s gift time, guys!

I really like getting gifts for people, especially when I know the gift is something they can truly enjoy. That’s why my stocking for this challenge is based around relaxation and a little pampering. 


Most days are busy and hectic, but especially so around the holidays. So, what better way to help someone unwind than filling a stocking with trinkets that will allow them let go and release some of that tension? 


This stocking is filled with things from the clearance beauty sections of places like TJMaxx, Ross Dress, and even the grocery store! It’s amazing what marked-down things you can find in those little bins!

And Clearance doesn’t mean damaged; it’s often products that have had a packaging change, or are no longer carried by a company.

So don’t be hesitant to check out the Clearance stuff while you’re out shopping! 


I’m including a dot-to-dot book—an activity that goes along with the adult coloring book trend. I’ve also put in some facial masks that can be worn while relaxing in a bath with a candle nearby.

The great thing about this mini candle is that it’s in a metal tin, so you don’t have to worry about glass falling and cracking near or in your bath! Yikes!  


I also like the fancy pens for the book, and I may even throw in some chocolate since this whole thing only costs $20 to $25!

That’s such an incredible savings and it’s still thoughtful and full of great little gifts!

If you’re searching for that last minute or hard-to-buy-for person, try a stocking filled with things to pamper or feed them. You could even fill a stocking with gift certificates for fun things to do!

The options are endless and people love gifts that are tuned to their likes and needs.

So get to stuffing those stocking, guys! There aren’t many days left! 

See what everyone else found ♥