A Spicy Success!


My spice rack and cabinets are a disaster!


The cute and decorative wooden spice box on my counter is half-full of old spices…


And the cabinet is a spice avalanche waiting to happen.

Everything is piled on top of everything else and I can’t find a thing. It makes cooking difficult and less creative.

And as a chef, I find it embarrassing that I am not more respectful of my kitchen and ingredients.


So I am PUMPED for this “All About the Jack$ons” challenge!

I started looking for ways to organize spices and went down a pretty intense rabbit hole...

However, in the end I wanted to keep it simple and within the budget, so I headed to Target and picked up an organizer (above) for $13.

It’s not cute or particularly well made, but it’s better than what I had (or didn’t have).


I started by removing all the spices from the cabinet…

The hardest part was organizing and consolidating them. The number of multiple jars of ground mustard, cinnamon, paprika and others was embarrassing. It really hit home as to how unorganized I was.

I also think of spices as valuable, and so it’s hard for me to toss them out when they are past their prime, which is truthfully about 3 to 6 months—not 2 to 4 years.


Once the cabinet was clear, I added my new shelf organizer…


Then I cleaned and refilled all the spice jars in the counter display; it has room for 24 spices.


I filled the shelves with the remaining or back-up jars of spices.

I decided to keep the spice blends and specialty spices in the cabinet and the more common spices on the counter.

In the end I was able to clear out over 20 spice jars or containers, which really helped with the space issue.


For less than $15 and 2 hours of time, I was able to totally reorganize this one small part of my house.

It felt wonderful, as it always does when we shine light and spend effort on a part of our life that feels out of control.

Of course, when I looked in my refrigerator, I immediately saw my next project! But that is for another day.

Today I am going to bed smiling and proud of the small successes I’ve had.


See what everyone else did ♥