All-Purpose + All Natural

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I am a sucker for a good cleaning product, and if it is labeled “all natural,” I am sold.

But I have to say that after starting to make this quick, three-ingredient, all-purpose cleaner, at home, I may never buy another again. 

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I love the idea of having a product that is safe to use around babies, animals, and everyone else in the family, but a lot of times that cuts back on effectiveness.

Many of the “all natural” cleaners I have used never felt like they got anything clean.

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This All-Purpose Cleaner is three simple ingredientsequal parts white vinegar to water, and then add in a few drops of citrus or essential oil of your choice!

I have used lemon juice, lime juice, citrus peel, lavender oil, etc.just depending on my mood.

I will say that if you use the actual citrus peel the cleaner will not last as long, so I would recommend making a smaller batch.

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I use this cleaner on sinks, counter tops, gunk and grime on any surface in my bathroom and shower, sheet trays that have seen better days... 

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