At-Home Salad Bars


When I was growing up, we went to the grocery for our big grocery trip every couple of weeks. We made a menu for the dinners ahead of time and then got all the ingredients for those meals.

On Sunday we would do the cooking for the week—simple things to make weekday meals easier and quicker.

I realize now that my mom was doing her own version of modern-day meal planning—1990s-style!


And our meal prep started as soon as we got back from the grocery store.

For instance, before we put fruits and vegetables away, my mom always had us wash them so they were ready to eat!

This week, I’m taking a page from her book and going one step further—I’m washing and cutting all my veggies as my meal prep.


One of my friends, Catherine McCord, has children who eat veggies all the time!


Every weekend she heads to the farmers market and stocks up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Then she turns them into the most amazing snacking boards!

She doesn’t hide vegetables or bribe the kids to eat them—she doesn’t have to!

Catherine just always has really healthful options presented in fun ways for the kiddos to enjoy, and because of that they love and eat vegetables.

So this week, inspired by both my mom and Catherine, I’ve decided to eat more vegetables and use meal prepping to help.

I love having a salad with my meal, but they are often boring and time consuming to make at home.

So I thought that if I had a large variety of vegetables prepped and ready like at the salad cafés I love to frequent, then we could have exciting salads every day!


I set a timer for 30 minutes and got to work washing and cutting my salad ingredients.


Using a mandolin to shave the vegetables speeds up the process and also makes ordinary vegetables, like celery, much more exciting.


In 30 minutes I prepared all of these salad ingredients!


And got them ready to store in the fridge. I use the fresh containers from Foodsaver, but you can use any storage containers or zipper bags you like.

Here’s the best part—I thought I prepped too much, but once we started having our salad bar with our dinners, we started wanting it with lunch too!

After four days we had eaten every bit of our veggies, and I had to spend another 15 minutes to prep enough for the rest of the week!


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