Bitten by the CrossFit Bug


Okay, ladies. So, I kind of went "half-sies" on this challenge. I did do a new workout experience, however it wasn’t a Groupon...

My sister-in-law, Tonya, randomly asked me to try her workout place right around our challenge, so I had to take advantage of that rather than search out a Groupon.

Tonya has been working out at White Buffalo CrossFit for awhile now, and I have to admit, I’ve always been "cautiously curious" about the whole CrossFit thing.

I see people coming and going from a CrossFit gym near where my daughter takes ballet, and I always think to myself things like:

"Wow, they are super fit! I remember when I used to feel and look fit! What exactly are they doing in there?!"

So when Tonya asked me to try a class with her, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

I was a little anxious because I've seen CrossFit videos of people lifting crazy big bars with about a million pounds worth of weight on them (which seems insane!).

However, the main 2018 resolution I have is to be open. I am going to be more open to adventures, risk-taking (nothing life-threatening of course!) and opportunities.

Another convincing benefit was that I could bring my daughter, so I didn’t need to worry about getting a sitter or planning around my husband's schedule!

Super score!

Jude especially loved that there were a couple of dogs there to play with...

Her super score!


Anyway, after some introductions to other members and the owners, we started to get our explanation of how the workout would go for the day. It's a lot like a boot camp sort of training, mixed with rowing and strength training.

That may sound like a wild bag of sweat-induced crazy, but I was willing to take the challenge!


We were told to do burpees (my least favorite thing in the world), jumping jacks, wall-balls (throwing a weighted-ball up onto the wall above your head and catching it again, repeat, repeat, etc.), rowing, push-ups, kettle bell thrusts, and free-weight lifts.

All after a little warm-up, of course.


The good news is, I lived to write this post!

No, actually, I really liked the workout. It was a partner workout, which means we split all the amounts of what we had to do between us. When I was exhausted, my super-woman-sis-in-law would up her game! I knew she was strong, but wowza!

After feeling like I totally wanted to throw in the towel about half way through, having Tonya there to root for me—and knowing my daughter was watching me—spurred me on! Also, Tiffany, my other sister-in-law was there working out with us. She had a baby about two months prior to this class and was rocking it out (with the right amount of caution and care)!

The post-workout adrenaline was a pretty great feeling! I was amazed at what my body was capable of, especially after not doing any type of cardio workouts for a long, long time!


Although I have become a bit of a yogi, I remember loving that rush I used to get from running and cardio dance classes. It was really nice to get my heart rate up and feel my blood really pumping through my veins!

I may be hooked!

It isn’t a replacement for my yoga, but I think I like the combo of having a little cardio and strength training to add to my routine; it gives it a whole new type of balance.


And in case you're wondering, I have been back since that first class!

Even though that time around it was another partner workout, it was a whole new routine of things we hadn’t done before. It made me glad to know the CrossFit classes aren't redundant. I like the not knowing what we’ll do so I can’t talk myself out of anything!

As part of my warm-up, I actually did some of that crazy bar lifting I mentioned earlier…just not with a thousand pounds on it.

I explained to the instructor that I have some back issues and was worried about lifting. She was very kind about listening to my concerns—she asked questions and made some suggestions. She was knowledgeable about the type of back pains I’ve had, made me feel comfortable about trying very little weight, and also taught me the correct posture to lift. She stayed with me, watched closely, and made sure I didn’t do anything to injure myself.

I was very impressed with that because I don’t think most places give that much personal attention anymore. It was almost like a personal training session within the class.


This new workout is a great way to feel empowered and get back in shape! If you're looking for something to really boost your fitness into high gear and you live in the Louisville area, check this place out! Otherwise, check out reviews or ask around about a Crossfit gym near you to find a good fit. From what I understand, the Crossfit community can vary from facility to facility, so it pays to do a little digging around before you invest your money and energy into a place.

I’m so glad Tonya called me that day to help me shake things up! I’ve been bitten by the CrossFit bug and look forward to seeing how it transforms my fitness—both mind and body!

I hope you all find the best way to take care of your bodies, too!

From L to R: Becca, Tiffany, Tonya. We (I) made it!

From L to R: Becca, Tiffany, Tonya. We (I) made it!

PS, This picture was taken right after the workout and I was feeling a cardio combination with shock that I made it without passing out! ;)

See what everyone else did ♥