Bohemian Colander Planter

This upcycle challenge was pretty up my alley considering I got to combine my hippie recycling talent and my DIY skills!

I have been trying to organize and reduce clutter in my kitchen, which in the baking/chef business can be very difficult!

I have a couple of items I should get rid of, but somehow I just haven’t had the will power to release. So, I decided to try giving one of those items a new life instead.

But the question was, which one?

Then, it hit me! I’ve needed a new planter for my succulents, so they can have more room to grow.

I have a cute vintage-y, metal colander that I love, but don’t use...

The colander solved the problem!

1. I took the colander outside and laid it on top of a couple of paper grocery bags I had saved for recycling.

2. I borrowed a can of spray paint from a friend (she always has tons) and spray-painted it a cute copper color. I left it to dry overnight.

3. Next, I lined the bottom of the colander with cheesecloth (another kitchen find) and re-potted my succulents into the revived colander. I still had at least half a bag of the cactus potting soil. This is the best kind for succulents as it drains very well. Since my succulents already lived on the kitchen bar, it totally fit in with the look of the room!

All in all, I’m pretty proud that through this I purchased nothing, was very resourceful, and had fun!

Look around your house. What do you have that needs to be updated or revived? If you’re having a hard time letting it go, maybe just give it a new purpose instead and get rid of something else that isn’t so important!

Upcycling is also a great way to create a gift for someone—then it’s like you kept it close but still reached your goal of de-cluttering your space.

This challenge has me inspired to explore more DIY projects in my house! Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing, Terra!

See what everyone else made ♥