Breaking the Makeup Habit


I’m coming off a month of straight filming, which means that daily I have been wearing professionally applied “natural” makeup.

I love having my hair and make up done; however, these are not actives I enjoy performing on myself. When I get to come into a trailer and sip coffee while a glam team transforms me, then I am all in.

But that’s not what a Tuesday looks like at home in Louisville. 


Finding a balance between what I look like on TV and what I look like in my everyday life has been difficult.

Many times during the first couple years of being more public, people said to me, “Well you look nothing like you do on TV!”

And I understood why... 


 Makeup can be magical.

It can be transformative.

And it can be very, very addictive...

When I first started having my professional makeup done, I looked polished and glamorous and felt grown up and beautiful, and I liked feeling all of those things about myself.

However, as polished as I looked, it just didn’t feel like me. I missed my freckles and I missed feeling like I am pretty just the way I am.

And so I made a decision to wear as little makeup as possible on TV.


Day 1

And even with being this thoughtful about makeup choices, it can still be an adjustment when I wake up the first day after we wrap on filming. For the first couple of days I feel drab and find myself nit-picking all my “flaws."

I thought this week’s challenge would help me break this habit.


Day 2

I don’t wear a lot of makeup in my regular life, and so having a reason to wear none for a week was wonderful and surprisingly easy. 


Day 3

Now my eyelashes are essentially nonexistent and I’m not smiling, but by the third day I’m starting to remember that I like my face! 


Day 4

Getting ready to go camping and no makeup sure made packing the toiletries easier...


Day 5

Slept under the stars, woke up, combed my hair and rinsed my face in the stream and I was ready to go!


Day 6

No makeup, but I curled my hair for a work event. I wanted to make sure I looked professional but didn’t want to break the challenge.

I’m feeling very pretty and totally into the no makeup thing!


Day 7

Date night, no makeup... Now this was a bit harder for me. I want Darrick to look at me across the table and think, “Wow, my wife is more beautiful than when I met her.”

Maybe he thought that, maybe he didn’t. But the real challenge was feeling beautiful regardless of outside compliments and regardless of wearing makeup or not.


Days 8 - 14

And then I was so out of the habit of wearing makeup, that I just stuck with the fresh face look...


We went to a wedding this weekend and it was the first time I’ve worn makeup in two weeks. I found myself adding the lightest amount of tinted moisturizer. I used mascara and a highlighter on my cheeks and that was all.

My freckles were still showing, my hair was in a bun, and I feel like I absolutely glowed. 

What I really learned from this challenge is that it is easy for me to get out of the habit of makeup, and honestly, I prefer it.

Now if I really wanted to push myself with a beauty challenge, I would fix my hair every single day for a week...


See what everyone else did ♥