Bringing the Outdoors Indoors


Let me start by saying this is where my anti-Pinteresty side comes out. While I absolutely love when people decorate festively and have a lovely table or a room all decked out, this is where I “fail.”

I want so badly to have that eye for decorating, but alas, I do not. I can do an okay job, but it will never be on par with some of my very talented friends like Shona or Damaris.

I’ve learned it’s just not my strength, and that’s okay!


But what I do love is nature!

I love the colors, the smells, the feeling you get when the sun shines on your skin, and the warmth of a fire on a cold day.

So, I thought, why not allow myself to be guided by that? 


I decided to walk around the farmers market to take in the colors and to be inspired by observing my daughter acknowledge what she sees.

If you have kiddos in your life, then you know there is nothing quite like seeing through the eyes of a child. Their perspective is so honest and raw. I love and admire that in them.


Jude is very much like me, in that she loves trees and the changing colors of the leaves. Since she was very young—too young to even talk with words—we have always communicated (even if just one-sided!) about nature on our walks.

It’s always brought me joy to show her things she’s never seen or experienced before. Something about it feels magical—when I see her eyes light up, or her tiny fingers point in wonder and awe!

I know, I’m so sentimental, but that’s just the way it is, and I like that about myself.

During our adventure to the farmers market I admired all the rich, earthy tones. It was so beautiful. I wish this part of fall lasted longer.

And that is where it stopped for me. I decided, if this is the part I love so much, why not use it for my decorations?


So Jude and I gathered some lovely branches with leaves to place on our table for the challenge! It was fun, we spent time bonding and learning, and it was free! All bonuses!

I thought about spray painting, or modge-podging the leaves to seal and give them some shine, but I like the rustic look of bringing the outdoors indoors.

I looked around the house and found a couple of things in my kitchen that could double as décor. And then I added some fruit to complete the look!

At this point, my centerpiece may not have been the winner for most creative, or prettiest, but it suited me and my personality. Which is kind of the point when decorating your home anyway, right? People that come into your home should get a sense of your personality with how your sanctuary is done up.

After thinking I was finished with my centerpiece, I happened to go to Target to grab something and found some awesome additions to the table: a tray, some string lights, and some little cloth pumpkins!

All cheap or on clearance!


I added these to my centerpiece and really like the way everything turned out!

However, even though I inspected for bugs when I gathered the branches, apparently there were some microscopic spiders and bugs that I didn’t see until I put the branches on the table…


So, I ended up just using the Target finds and fruit. Still looks cute, just not as full. Maybe I’ll find some faux leaves to redo it another day. I told you this was my Pinterest “fail” area, haha.

Oh well, I still had fun and tried to be creative. Good luck with your table decorating! 


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