Carving Out Time to Detox


Detoxing—it’s a fun idea, allowing your body get rid of the bad while making room for the good.

In the past, I have done multiple two-day detoxes where you basically just don’t eat. It’s hard, but effective.

Since I’m trying to get back in shape (#AtHomeWorkoutChallenge), I’m into the idea of detoxing. But because I have three little kids to run after, I’m not ready for a two-day fast.

So the idea of a daily apple cider vinegar (aka ACV) detox drink seemed like a good option.


There are a lot of claims out there when it comes to the wonders of ACV.

One of the things that I definitely buy into is the idea of raw apple cider vinegar having a “mother,” which means it has good bacteria in it, similar to the good bacteria in yogurt.

I tend to get a decent amount of this bacteria already from drinking kombucha (Ivy steals sips too), but a little more wouldn’t hurt.


I made sure my ACV was raw; an easy way to tell it’s raw is that it looks cloudy. And because so many people are on the lookout for ACV these days, brands usually state pretty clearly whether they are raw.

So the kind of ACV you’d want for a detox like this is pretty easy to spot in the store.


I added about a tablespoon of ACV to eight ounces of water and put it in a wine glass because, why not?!

I actually wasn’t turned off by the taste. In some ways it reminded me of kombucha, but with a little fermented “zing” to it.

However, just as I was starting to think of creative ways to make this cocktail even tastier—maybe a spritz of seltzer or something spicy—a problem arose…


I remembered my Invisalign.

If you’ve been following our Instagram Story, you have probably seen me talk about my recent choice to get Invisalign, and you may have seen me share the inner workings of the process.


One important thing about Invisalign is that you want to keep your teeth really clean, as they are enclosed in the liners.

And acidic things are to be avoided.

So guzzling ACV didn’t seem like the best idea.

Day #1 of my ACV challenge was also my last day.


And although I haven’t been doing my ACV daily, I have been changing some habits.

Because I need to remove the Invisalign liners every time I eat, I have been snacking so much less. I also don’t pick off my kids’ plates, and am only drinking water (because other beverages would also require me to remove the trays).

So in some ways, Invisalign has forced me to “detox” a little.


Though my experience with the ACV detox was short-lived, I’d have to say I don’t think there are enough immediate benefits from it to convince me to carve out time in my day for intense ACV detox.

Changing routines and habits is hard. I can’t say what a week or month of detoxing with ACV would be like, but I know myself enough to know something really needs to make an impact in order for me to justify dedicating time to it each day (It’s hard enough for me to make a shower happen!).

In the end, I seem to do better when forced into something. Invisalign might just be the thing to whip me into shape!


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