CBD Bath Bomb


There are a few CDB companies that grow and produce in Kentucky, and so finding a huge variety of local products that contain CBD is pretty easy.

Lip balms, lotion, bath salts and scrubs, flavored CBD oil for ingesting—you name it!


I know lots of people who take CBD oil because it helps with anxiety or with sleeping, but I am very lucky to not need help in these areas.

So I wanted to report on a CBD product that I do love!


I’ve been traveling A LOT and I can feel all the miles in my body. So this morning when I woke up a little achy, I decided to take a bath in our claw foot tub.

A friend gifted me these CBD bath bombs, and I fell in love with them.

They are enormous and come in a bunch of different scents.


They fizz for a bit, infusing the water with Epsom salt and CBD oil.


I will warn you that it does turn the water a very murky gray...


But it really doesn’t matter, because the soaking feels like heaven.

I light a candle, open the window, grab a book, and totally relax into the experience. When my water cools, I drain a little and add more. This is where having the huge bath bomb really comes in handy.


I ended my bath sans aches and infinitely more relaxed. Maybe this is because of the CBD, or maybe it’s just because taking a leisurely bath on a Sunday morning makes you feel great.

Whatever the reason, adding the CBD bath bomb made it feel special. It made my bath an event.

It was about slowing down, about breathing, and about rejuvenation, and because of that, I am a fan!


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