Cheers for $20 Champagne!


For every one of my first 10 years in New York City, I spent New Year's Eve working at the bar I ran.

It wasn’t too bad. Sure, I was slinging drinks like a madman, but my now-husband and his friends  would come in eventually, looking to avoid the club scene.

We would pop some good champagne and keep it hidden behind the bar.

And I always got my kiss at midnight.

Times have changed since then and I can’t quite motivate myself to book a babysitter as far in advance as is needed for a New Year's Eve date. Or to research New Year's Eve restaurant deals. So instead, our new tradition involves getting cozy at home.

All I really need to make it feel like New Year's Eve is champagne (I also need champagne to make a Friday feel like a Friday, and sometimes to make a Wednesday feel like a Friday, haha).

So I took that crisp Jack$on and got the best reasonably-priced bottle of champagne I could find!

I can’t wait to see what the other ladies are doing, and a part of me might be jealous that I’m not sipping my champagne dressed in sequins, out with friends...

But let’s be honest, I’ll trade sequinned leggings (Yes, I own a pair. And yes, the sequins jab you in all the wrong places.) for a warm blanket and a bottle of bubbly any day.

Total Spent: $19.84

See what everyone else did ♥