Cold-Pressed, Organic, Expensive


I used to be a big smoothie maker. I would even prepare one for my husband each night for him to blend up in the morning.

I wish I could say that’s what happened this morningor any morning this monthbut it didn’t.

Life has gotten busier and I tend to deplete my energy levels in the morning trying to make Ivy something nutritious. Then I grab the half-a-bagel that’s been sitting in the fridge since Monday.


So when I want quick nutrition that I can feel really good about, I head to Juice Press. Like many other establishments, they're offering organic, cold-pressed juices (for a pretty penny, of course).

Cold-pressed is a big deal because unlike a lot of the juice in the supermarket, these cold-pressed juices retain a ton more nutrients.


However, you do pay for it...

These juices are $10.99a price that can be hard to swallow (pun intended)!

But it sure makes me feel like I’ve had a good eating day even when the only solid things that have touched my lips are that two-day-old bagel and a cheese stick.


So to stretch it a little, I tend to mix their more aggressively green juices (the ones that taste like Sh*t) with some OJ or cranberry juice and finish the bottle over three days or so.

You don’t want your pricey juice to sit in the fridge too long; it’s not very shelf-stable and will go bad more quickly than other juices.


In the end, I spent $16 on a juice and kale chips (I LOVE their kale chips).

But I guess our health is what we should be spending money on, right?!


See what everyone else did ♥