Comfy Coat to Sweet Slumber


When Terra announced this challenge, I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I did have a coat I had tried to resell, but it was still sitting in my closet taking up space...

...And I was totally uninspired by it.


However, later I began to think about my toddler and how she's been tossing and turning in her sleep a lot lately. She has even been talking occasionally and has woken up scared.

It’s so hard to watch your baby have nightmares (if that’s what’s happening with her, anyway)!

We've talked to her and listened to her explain nightmares and then talked more about it. I think it helps a little, but kids don’t grasp the difference between reality and dreams very well sometimes. It’s weird considering how much make-believe they like to play!

Anyway, I started thinking about the fact that the things that help her most at this age are kinesthetic.

She loves being engaged and hands-on, much like her mama!


This gave me an idea! What if I could give her something physical to focus on? What if she could pass that negative energy to...

A dream catcher?!

I looked at some tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest to help me understand how to build one. I also did a little research on the history of dream catchers. I know they're from Native American culture, but I wanted to know more about their meanings. According to the site I read,

"...traditionally, there has to be a small hole in the middle to allow the good dreams to pass through. The webbing around the hole in the middle catches all the bad dreams and doesn’t allow them to get through the hole. Lastly, the feathers guide, or direct, the good dreams to the owner of the dream catcher."

I have always thought Native American culture is so beautifully spiritual and peaceful. So I wanted to respectfully bring that spirituality and peace to my daughter's issue.


I started thinking about the materials I would need. I had some string, but not really any ribbon.

Also, a sweet friend of ours had just given Jude some little feathers a couple of days beforetotally meant to be (kind of like my kismet cooking from Challenge #14!)!


So I already had string, feathers, and the coat to use as a covering material.

But after searching all over my house, I couldn’t find anything with a circle shape (for a frame) that we weren’t already using. So I got the floral foam circlealong with crafting gluefrom the Dollar Store.

All in all, this project cost only $2! And it honestly could’ve cost $1 if I had used some of the other glue I had at home, but I thought crafting glue would be better for this.


Below are pictures showing how I assembled the dream catcher; I think it turned out pretty cute!

I will say the coat material was not the easiest to work with, even though I cut it into strips like ribbon. It shed a lot and made a huge mess because it was wool-like.

The glue was okay, but I ended up having to add a little super glue on a couple of pieces.

Lastly, the stringing part was pretty easy, as I stuck to the figure-eight patterns for this one.

I would love to make another one in the future, maybe even hula-hoop size!

But I want to practice doing a much more intricate stringing pattern for that one.

My favorites are the ones that have half moon or mandala patterns!


I hope this inspires you to think outside the box, or just to start having sweeter dreams of your own!

Remember, before you buy, DIY!


See what everyone else did ♥