Who Wore it Best?

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I died laughing when I clicked on Nikki's Facebook Live video recently and saw that she was wearing the exact same rented dress as me.

I guess we're both renting from Le Tote

I've never rented clothes before, but it feels like the perfect solution to my wardrobe woes. I love wearing something new (or "new")! I love it so much that I'll wear my new outfit for three days in a row.


So the idea of clothing rental seems perfect.

I can send back dirty clothes and they'll send me cute clean ones. I can get rid of mostly everything in my closet and just depend on clothing rental.

In theory, this sounds great, but will it actually work?

To figure it all out, I decided to try out the three most affordable options: Let Tote, Parcel 22, and The Ms. Collection. I went to the Web site for each one and signed up by answering some style questions and punching in my measurements.

Then I waited for the boxes to come!


Le Tote and Parcel 22 both allow you to check out the items to be sent to you before they're shipped. So you can swap out anything you don't want or need for that week's package. I found this to be super cool because it allows you to coordinate your rented wardrobe and lifestyle needs.


That being said the cute skirt and dress in the photos above were some of my favorite rented items and they came as a total surprise from the Ms. Collection (which doesn't allow you to see what you're going to receive before it's sent). I noticed that with the Ms. Collection, sometimes the articles come out of the box slightly wrinkled, but the wrinkles usually fall out. 

Other times the Ms. Collection totally missed the mark and I received clothes like the ones draped over my sofa in the photos above. They were packed up and sent right back. As was my first Parcel 22 shipment. Nothing fit.

I also had quite the issue getting my package from Parcel 22. It took over three weeks to arrive, a package was lost, then the clothes weren't available, then the jewelry wasn't sent...

Throughout the whole process the Parcel 22 team was very nice and even refunded all of my money without me asking. So not super reliable with their products, but they made up for it with great customer service!

When all was said and done though, I decided not to continue renting from Ms. Collection or Parcel 22. 


In conclusion, love renting clothes!

My favorite was Le Tote. As of today, I have two different subscriptions that I am leap frogging. When I get a new package, I send the other one back. It takes about five days for package turnaround. As soon as I drop each package off at the post office, the tag is scanned in and Le Tote starts preparing my next tote!


This process has worked great over the past few weeks while I've been filming! I need so many new outfits, but honestly don't ever really wear them again, so renting was ideal.

Plus because Le Tote allows to pick your clothes and gives measurements of each item, you can safely depend on things to fit.


Also renting has made me a tad more daring and so I give things a try that I wouldn't normally buy. Jean romper, anyone?!


 I am sold!!!

I will be a regular clothing renter from now on. For just over a hundred dollars a month (again, I have two subscriptions so it's a bit more expensive), I have new-to-me clothes ready and waiting for me at any time!


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