Découpage Recipe Vases

Like Terra, when my Grammy passed, I inherited many of her kitchen treasures. I also inherited some less-than “treasures,” but that didn't mean I could bear to part with them. This lot of unwanted, forgotten kitchen wares include stained napkins, unused place holders, bags upon bags of recipe clippings, and tired, damaged, falling apart church cookbooks.

This challenge is going to help me revitalize one of these old items, give it a new lease on life, and help me justify moving it from house to house for the past seven years.

I decided to use Mod Podge to découpage pieces of old recipes onto bean cans in order to create vases.

My Grammy collected cookbooks from church congregations. I used one that had come apart at the binding to cut out the collage pieces. Pages at the front of the book are a tad water damaged. And some at the back look like they may have lost a fight with some grease.

And so we are using pages from the center (you could really use any old paper that might create nice texture or pattern), Mod Podge, a 1-inch paint brush, and three canned-good cans.

The total cost was a whopping $4.00. It could have been even cheaper had I skipped the craft store near my house and headed to the Dollar Tree, where they carry Mod Podge and paint brushes for the bargain price of $1.00.

To begin, cut the recipe pages into a variety of sizes. The biggest pieces get layered first, then medium-sized pieces, and last the small ones. This creates a nice pattern over larger pieces while speeding up the entire process of découpaging.

Mod Podge is like thick glue that dries clear. I prefer the matte finish. Just dip your paint brush in to the Mod Podge to collect a small amount on its tip.

For the first couple of pieces of paper, you need to apply some of the Mod Podge directly to the can, but after that, simply place a piece of dry paper where you’d like it and brush it with a little Mod Podge to lock it in place.

Let it dry for a couple of hours. You’ll know it’s dry when the Mod Podge is clear. And that’s it, folks! Craft competed!

Three new vases took me 30 minutes of work time and two hours of drying time, which I used to go get my nails done with my mom and niece!

I carefully filled the vases with water (you don’t want to get the outsides very wet or it could dissolve some of the Mod Podge) and added some adorable mini carnations. I know, I know, carnations aren’t a favorite flower of many people but I. LOVE. THEM.

I think they look feminine, vintage, and delicate. And they smell good, last FOREVER, and cost $5.00 for a bunch.

The vases helped decorate the mantle in our kitchen (the comic book Star Wars pictures on the wall are another super easy and affordable decorating idea, but that’s for another time...).

I guess what I love most about this is thinking of all the ways I can now use this technique to personalize vases, cups, or small tins into tea light holders. I think I’ll try this out with vintage love poems, or children's books, or even comic books next time I’m throwing a bridal shower or superhero themed party!

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