Donating with Intention

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This week’s challenge was really inspiring; we were tasked with donating clothes to someone who could really use them. I did some research in my area and found a really great program called Dress for Success Nashville.

They take business clothing and give it to women to help them look their best for interviews. They also help with job searches, job counseling, and resumes—among other things.

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In a former, younger life, I worked as a floor manager at a retail store, which of course meant that I spent all of my paycheck on clothing.

I have several great suits and business outfits, some with the tags still on.

This was the perfect opportunity to let go, do some closet spring cleaning, and give a hand up to someone who could really use it.

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Among the outfits that I decided to donate was a great pantsuit—new, with tags, looking both stylish and professional. I also found a great pair of nude heels in my closet to donate.

I think that this outfit will really be great for any business interview, and am so thankful that it is going to a woman who really needs it.

This challenge has really opened my eyes to the options for donating what you are no longer using.

Every year my husband and I do a big clean-out of our closets and house and take a big load to Goodwill, which is great. That being said, it was a really good feeling to take a little extra time and be intentional and thoughtful with a donation to a specific cause.

This is a great organization, and I would encourage you to look for a similar program in your area!

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