Egg on My Head

At home beauty treatment 5.JPG

When the girls and I started talking about at-home beauty treatments, I quickly realized that I was behind on this trend.

I had seen things on Pinterest, but never actually took the leap to smear my pantry ingredients in my hair or on my face.

At home beauty treatment 2.JPG

At first, I had the ambitious idea of making a hair treatment with a plethora of ingredients like avocado, banana, and honey.

But in the end I found myself with little time and even less ingredients.

So I went for the first thing on Pinterest that included two ingredients I didn’t have to run to the store to get.

And that is how I ended up with egg on my head.

At home beauty treatment 3.JPG

The concoction was just egg and coconut oil, and because for years I've been pretending I’m still the blonde I was as a child, the promise to repair my hair seemed like a good idea.

However, I realized after combining the ingredients that the coconut oil had hardened when mixed with the cold egg.

So after dousing my strands in chunky slime, I sat in the sun to try and warm the oil and make sure it coated my hair.

At home beauty treatment 4.JPG

In the shower my hair felt extra dry, and once I shampooed and conditioned, it softened a bit.

But after drying it I ended up with my same old 'do, just a little more brittle.

At home beauty treatment 1.jpg

I guess I was expecting shiny, moisturized hair.

So I was disappointed that I ended up with my same old hair...but maybe a touch worse.

Even all dressed up in a Rent the Runway top I felt like my hair was just okay.

at home beauty treatment 7.JPG

But I’m a newbie, so feel free to school me on your favorite at-home beauty treatments in the comments below and maybe I’ll try again.


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