First Mother's Day

Talia and Nikki.jpg

I ran a bar for many years in NYC, and over the years I ended up hiring more than one of my soon-to-be best friends.

Talia was one of the first and we were inseparable for many years.

Until she decided to move back home to Portland, Oregon...


I was devastated, but I knew she needed the change.

And a couple of years later, it has more than worked out for her. Not only did she get married this past summer (I got to Talia's bridesmaid!), but she is welcoming a little girl this June.


Having experienced a stillbirth, I wholeheartedly believe that a mother is a mother before her baby comes home.

So even though Talia isn’t holding her daughter today, she is a mother in my eyes and I want to celebrate her.


I decided to send her some things that might help the craziness of being a new mom.

I included some nursing tops so she can both feel like a milk machine and a real person at the same time.


Also some Bergamort oilthe oil of abundanceto help her feel like she has enough love, support, milk, etc. to give, even on days when she might feel she is running out.

And last, Ivy’s favorite toy for Talia's newborn to get her hands on one day soon.


It’s hard when friends are so far away (she’s literally as far away as it gets), but I want Talia to know how much I think of her and how glad I am to still have her as my best friend.


See what everyone else did ♥