Get Your Green On!


Green juice is a hit in my house. I know many people find it a turn-off just because of the color, but I believe there are ways to ease yourself into it, and to make it enjoyable in general.

When my family makes green juice, we tend to go for the naturally sweeter version. We still get in a good amount of kale or spinach, but opt for palate pleasers to compliment it—apple, orange, lemon, ginger, or occasionally mango.

This way we aren’t trying to chug through celery, romaine, kale and maybe one green apple to hopefully cover some of that bitterness.


I find that our version still gives us a great energy boost and it’s way more family-friendly! It’s not always easy to get greens into my toddler, but green juice is always welcome with her!

Whenever I drink fresh juices, I feel energized, I think my skin does better, and I don’t crash like some do from coffee or other energy drinks. Plus, it’s like taking a delicious vitamin packed with straight-sourced phytonutrients!

So go ahead and get your green on!

I’ve left a few green juice tips below about getting started. Another great reference is a Youtuber, John Kohler, who has a channel called DiscountJuicers. He uses and sells all brands of juicers and can get you set with a wealth of knowledge about juicing and the machines. He even recently did a video on the best way to store fresh juice.

Hope you enjoy a big cup of green energy soon!


Green juicing tips:

  • Be sure to wash your greens well prior to juicing.
  • Research juicers before buying one. Decide whether a slow masticating juicer is your jam, or if you want to just make juice in the blender and use a milk nut bag or strainer to for your needs. Know the nutritional differences.
  • If you must store juice for later use, be sure to keep air out of the bottle or container you use! Oxygen will decrease the nutritional value of the juice.
  • If you're trying to learn to love green or other earthy-tasting juices, give yourself a chance to get used to the taste. Your palate can change based on your diet. As you begin drinking more juice, your body will start to love it! It’s true! You may have to start off with a slightly sweeter or fruitier juice and work your way to the super green ones. THAT’S OKAY! You're still getting the amazing benefits from fresh fruits and veggies into your body!
  • In the beginning, you may find it tastes better to leave the kale stems out of the juicing, as your juice won't turn out quite as bitter. Then, over time you can start incorporating a stem or two.
  • Sixteen to 32 ounces of fresh juice per adult is ideal. I cannot say what exact quantities are good for your child; it would depend on age, weight, diet, etc. Our toddler is three-and-a-half and usually has about 8 to 10 ounces in one day, but not every day.
  • Organic is always best when juicing, however I can understand the expense playing a big role. Do what you can. Maybe you go organic for the kale and apple, but not for the orange and ginger. That’s okaygive yourself a break! Look for sales, buy local, whatever works best for you!

Rebel Green Juice


  • 1 apple (I use Braeburn or Pink Lady, which is my fave!)
  • 1 orange, peeled
  • 1 small bunch of kale (about 4 leaves)
  • 1 small thumb ginger (about ¾ to 1 inch), to your taste
  • 1 to 2 lemon wedges, squeezed in at the end


  1. Juice all fruits and veggies in the order that best suits your machine. For most, starting with the greens, then adding the orange, ginger, and finally the apple, helps to cleanse through all the remaining pulp and push through the max amount of juice.
  2. Drink immediately, or if it must be consumed later, put the juice in a container with little to no air left between the juice and the lid to keep optimum nutrients in tact.
: @bluebirdandblackberries

: @bluebirdandblackberries

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