Giving the Mask a Second Chance

So I remember trying a mask way back in high school and HATING the way it felt on my face. It was crackly and dry and itchy and felt like it was sucking all of the moisture out of my skin.

When I found out this week’s challenge was charcoal face masks, I was hesitant, but excited to try the charcoal.

Terra 1.jpg

I feel like everywhere you turn, beauty products tout the purifying effects of activated charcoal. And I do have to admit, my favorite facial soap that I use once a week, is a charcoal soap.

I went to my local health foods store and found a charcoal mask made by Giovanni, which had really good reviews.

Terra 2.jpg

I applied the mask to a freshly cleaned face; it went on thick and smooth. To my surprise, I never got that dry, crackling feeling that I remember from past experiences.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes, and it never really dried all of the way, which was fine. It came off easily with a warm rag, and my face really felt soft and refreshed afterwards.

The only downside is that I scared the baby a little after I put the mask on, hahaha.


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