Glue Gun for the Win!


When I was growing up, my mom and I always had craft projects going, and any chance I got I would break out my sewing machine or glue gun. Finding new uses for old things is also something that I find to be a fun challenge.


With the holidays approaching, this challenge seemed like the perfect time to bust out the old glue gun, and get to work!

I had seen a wreath online that was made out of old scraps of wrapping paper and thought that would be a great way to use scraps while also starting to get into the Holiday Spirit.

I made a trial run of the design with a few scraps, and unfortunately they were just not sturdy enough to hold up. I switched my plan around a little, and ended up using just plain white paper that I had in my “scrap” pile.


I started by rolling the paper into tubes, and using one piece of Scotch tape to secure them in place. One hack I found useful was to use the same tube as a template for rolling the rest so that they were all similar in size.


I knew I would need something to fasten all of the tubes to, a base if you will. And I found a plastic lid in the recycling that worked perfectly!

I started attaching my tubes, 28 in total, around the lid with hot glue…


After those dried, I flipped my wreath over to attach a piece of kitchen twine with hot glue for hanging the wreath.


I finished my design off with some greenery from my yard (the poor shrub is almost bald now), and a simple white decoration I had from an old Christmas package.


This is probably not a wreath that would hold up year after year, being that it is made out of paper, but it was a fun project that only took 30 minutes in total.

And it makes a great addition to my interior holiday décor!


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