Green Beans, Tomatoes + Berries, Oh My!

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I really love going to the farmers market. I grew up going as a kid, and it was one of my favorite parts of the week.

Everyone at the farmers market is always so friendly, and when you’re a kid, there are plenty of free samples.

My mom and dad would always give me $5 or $10 and let me spend it how I wanted. I usually blew it on one treat. Some people may have tried to get as much as they could for the $10, but not me.

I’m a splurger.

I have grown out of some things, but buying a treat at the farmers market is not one of them. I usually end up with berries and a plant.

The Nashville farmers market has a great garden store attached to the end of it. There you can find anything from small air plants and succulents to huge cacti and trees. 

I knew with this challenge I would have to rein myself in a little, so I went with a plan—a specific list of things I was looking for and an amount of money in mind to spend.

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I will say that my biggest tip for finding a good deal at the farmers market is going towards the end of the day.

You do run the risk of things being sold out or picked over, but you also are sure to get a deal.


On this trip, I went looking for green beans, corn, tomatoes, and one treat—berries!

My daughter loves berries right now, so I couldn’t leave without some strawberries and blueberries, most of which she ate while we were still walking around.

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I was able to pick up my haul for a little over $20—$21.50 to be exact.

And I successfully navigated the temptations of the farmers market without spending all my Jack$ons in one place. I would call that a success!

The farmers market is a great trip to make with kiddos for food memories that last a lifetime.

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