Happy Galette-Days!


Well, it’s the season of gatherings and parties, which can be pretty exciting but also easily overwhelming, especially if you’re the host!

This week’s challenge from Nikki helped me realize I could accomplish a lot, all from a very short list!


I wanted this to be simple, but also unique, and my mind immediately wandered to the idea of a galette.

I love a galette! These little “rustic pies” can be so forgiving, yet so delicious!

To start, I decided to make my ingredient list. Our gathering wasn't going to be very big so that gave me some wiggle room on my concept, which was to have a galette-bar!

Everyone would get to customize their own delectable savory and sweet little pie! How fun is that?!

Then, to wash it all down, I decided on some Sparkling Cider, because, you know, kids.

It’s a family-friendly affair, so I want everyone to feel included and fancy!


 My ingredients are as follows:

1. Sweet potatoes

2. Sweet or yellow onions

3. Package of fresh poultry herbs

4. Can of diced, fire-roasted tomatoes

5. Package of non-dairy cheese (I used Chao Coconut Herb)

6. Cinnamon-sugar mix

7. Can of cherry pie filling

8. Store-bought pie crust (mine was Simple Truth from Kroger)

9. Vegan butter

10. Martinelli's sparkling cider

Salt (freebie)

Pepper (freebie)

Olive oil (freebie)

So armed with my ten ingredients (and my freebies!), I tested out several variations of galette...


The greatest thing is that when I have my galette gathering and people come up to make their own galette concoctions, I will be able chat with each guest.

I'll be spending quality time with them and not just hurrying to make "the rounds."

Here are a few example of the galette combos I made:

  • Sweet potato-cinnamon sugar (Jude’s fav!)
  • Sweet potato-sage
  • Sweet potato-caramelized onion (My fav!)
  • Tomato-onion-cheese (Demond’s fav!)
  • Tomato-thyme-sage-cheese
  • Tomato-rosemary-olive oil
  • Onion-thyme-cheese
  • Onion-rosemary-sage
  • Onion-cheese
  • Cherry-thyme
  • Cherry-cinnamon sugar

I’m pretty excited about this little get together!

And the good news is that the ingredients that are not pre-made can be made ahead! Then, the galettes only take 15 to 20 minutes to bake!

The smells that will fill the room for the party are going to be awesome!

Happy Galette-Days, everyone!


See what everyone else made ♥