I Didn't Meditate


To keep all of us ladies on track, we set due dates for certain posts to our Blackbird + Blueberries blog. This meditation post was due weeks ago, but I pushed it back to allow everyone (but really mostly myself) some extra time. Now here we are againthe post is due and I haven’t even done one day of meditation, let alone ten days.

Why is it sometimes so hard for us to spend ten minutes on ourselves?

Before my daughter Ivy was born I was more focused on self-care. However, I still needed constant reminders to focus on myself once in awhile instead of always thinking about work, errands, or whatever else. With these reminders, I got to yoga, did acupuncture, and generally took a minute to relax when I needed it.

Things have changed to say the least. For instance, today I forgot to eat breakfastjust forgot. I’m fine giving more to my daughter than to myself, but I have to admit that sometimes my levels of stress and tiredness are too high to allow me to be the mommy I want to be.

So why not take ten minutes, ten minutes that could really help? It’s proven!

Well I feel like I’ve talked myself in to it, but I still can’t say I’ve done it, at least not today. So I’ll try harder, as we all should, and hopefully very soon you’ll see a post from me on Instagram looking zen and talking about how ten minutes of meditation is the key to everything. #blessed

Or maybe you’ll see me with no makeup, tired, and five pounds skinnier because I haven’t eaten breakfast in a month.

Only time will tell, but I’m hoping for the former.

See what everyone else did ♥