If You're Thirsty, You're Already Dehydrated


I drink a lot of water...

I think…

Definitely sometimes...

Okay, not all the time...

I’m ready for this—what’s the saying?—“new year, new me,” or some crap like that. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting back on track in the new year.

Yes, I’d like to get my belly to at least resemble my pre-pregnancy one, and it would be nice to lose a couple pounds and squeeze back into my seriously cute hot pink jeans again.

But really what I’ve been thinking about is just taking better care of myself—eating more veggies (yes, even the Veggie Queen can fall down the mac-and-cheese-and-pizza-only hole that has been my life the past couple of months), eating regular meals, taking a vitamin.


So this challenge comes at the perfect time.

I’ve never though too much about how much water I consume. But since moving and having twins, I know there have been days lately when I barely drink anything (except maybe a glass of wine at the end of the day, does that count?!).

And since I know our bodies are mostly water, it seems pretty important to supply it with what it needs.

Let’s do this!


Day 1

I’ve decided to keep track of my water intake by using my fancy Hydro Flask water bottle. I’m sure Damaris will be praising this a lot this week, as she expresses her love of ice cold water over and over again (cold water and no condensation are her thing, and this bottle does a great job at both!).

I need to drink three of these a day. Just three! Sounds totally doable.

I’m out running errands a bunch today with my husband and it’s good to be drinking water when I would have otherwise had nothing all day. The only problem is I feel like I’m always looking for a bathroom.

Even so, I feel that Day 1 was a success!

Day 1: This sexy bathroom at Home Depot really saved the day!

Day 1: This sexy bathroom at Home Depot really saved the day!


Day 2

I literally forget that I’m supposed to be doing the water challenge. Doesn’t even cross my mind. #twins


Day 3

I’m home most of today and determined to get back on track. As much as my Hydro Flask keeps things cold, I find it takes a little too much effort to unscrew the top and try not to spill on myself as I drink.

Since I’m home, I’m weighing my normal water glass with water in it and find that my typical pour is about 15 ounces. So now my goal is five of these glasses of water for the day. 


The first two go down easy—I’m always so thirsty in the mornings. Then I have a kombucha (another fifteen-ish ounces) and a cup of tea. I’m doing great!

With lunch, I drink two more glasses of water. Ta Da! It’s barely noon and I’ve drank 64 ounces!

The problem is I then drink almost nothing for the rest of the day and again, all morning I’m peeing every five minutes. Not sure this is any better. 


Day 4 + 5

I’ve realized I tend to drink about 20 ounces of water with each meal, so I’m actually doing pretty good.

The problem is I definitely get thirsty. And a wise fitness instructor once said to me,

“If you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated.”

So my goal these days is to drink water before I get thirsty, reaching for it not just when I need it. The good news is, at least I’ve been drinking more water than I did last week.


Day 6

I’m starting to get into a bit of a routine. I take my water bottle with me when I leave the house, which I never did before.

And I’m pouring myself a glass of water whenever my daughter has one. If I’m getting water for her, I might as well get some for myself. This simple trick has definitely added some valuable ounces to my day.


Day 7

I’m not counting my water down to the ounce, but I know I’m getting enough and I feel like I’ve established some new habits.

I’ve also realized that if you need to find a bathroom, you will, and the one in my grocery store is actually quite lovely. 


But how do you feel?

This question is harder to answer.

I’ve felt pretty tired this week, but that could be because my twins have been getting up a record eight times a night. My skin looks a little drab, but that’s probably because I slept in my makeup. With all these other factors, it’s hard to say if drinking more water has really improved my health.

But I know water is powerful, and I’m sticking with it!


See what everyone else did ♥