Is a Wipe Enough?


I dream of having a house and putting the skills I think I’ve learned from HGTV to the test by sawing and re-finishing things in my garage.


But for now, looking around at my couple of pieces of furniture, the only thing I want to improve upon are my old leather couches.


I’ve never done anything to care for them in any way, so I wondered if some leather wipes could really bring them back to life.

Not the most exciting up-cycling adventure, but it was the most exciting thing I could come up with.


After a good wiping, I can’t say much happened. Possibly they're a little shinier? I mean, I wiped off some old food stains...

But my couches are still old.

Maybe the other ladies can inspire me further because this was kind of a fail.


The "After" is on the left and the before on the "Right"or maybe it was the opposite?

I think my confusion here shows it doesn’t really matter; they both look the same.


See what everyone else did ♥