Jazzing It Up with Nature

terra 1.jpg

Every year when holiday time rolls around, I see my friends with elaborately wrapped packages that always look so beautiful.

Next to them are my simply wrapped presents with tags cut from extra paper, carefully folded over to conceal the recipients' names.

With the challenge this week, I decided to try to up my wrapping game and get creative!

terra 2.jpg

I have always loved simple paper. In fact, my mom and I used to hand-stamp our own wrapping paper when I was younger.

I decided to go with three simple, rustic prints for my paper, then bring some natural elements from my garden inside to help jazz them up.

Living in Nashville, I have been fortunate enough to have relatively warm weather this winter season, so I was able to gather greenery that still looked lush. 

I added a few simple ribbons, for an easy, inexpensive, and elegant finish.

This challenge was a lot of fun, but I can’t guarantee that next year I won’t revert back to my simple wrapping paper tag ways!

I hope everyone enjoys the Holiday Season!


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