Just Spray Paint It!

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When I was a kid, I was a serious crafter!

And looking back, I was still making jewelry into my twenties. But somewhere along the way, I just stopped.

I blame some of it on living in New York City, where you don't really have room for twenty different jars of sparkles or ten different types of colored wires.

That being said, when Becca presented us with this challenge, I was excited to get back in the saddle! 

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I have a lot of old Christmas decorations and my first thought was to re-purpose some of them.

Though I’ve never used spray paint in my life, I thought it might just work to spray paint some of the decorations all the same color, then put my newly monochromatic pieces on a serving tray and suddenly have a centerpiece worthy of bragging!

At my next dinner party, I would just casually draw someone's attention to my crafty genius and then when asked about it would say, "Oh that? Mmmm hmmmm, actually, I made it myself."

Tree 3.jpg

To start, I arranged some of my pieces on a platewhich is right about when I realized that this whole thing wasn’t going to be that easy. Although I had imagined it all going together so beautifully, putting a bunch of stuff on a plate didn't just automatically look like my idea of a centerpiece.

But instead of giving up, I just decided to move on for the time being. And so, leaving the hard part of arranging the centerpiece aside, I went right for the fun stuff:


This was a much more successful endeavor, and it wasn't just fun—it was SO EASY!

Tree 4.jpg

When I took a step back to inspect my paint job, I was pleased to see that all of my decorations looked like I bought them that way!

Then at the last minute, I decided to throw a vase into the spray painting experiment.

I knew it would add an extra special element to the whole creation since it originally came with flowers in it from the always-thoughtful Damaris.

Tree 5.jpg

The vase looked amazing once it was freshly coated with gold, and I thought maybe it would be a lot easier to work with than a serving plate.

So I spray painted some more flowers (I mean, why wouldn't I spray paint more things?) and miraculously found some floral foam in the back of my closet, which allowed me to precisely arrange my golden bouquet.

Tree 8.jpg

I’m telling you, although I was excited to craft once again, I was prepared for my project to be a total fail.

Now I’m psyched at my success and I feel like I have a new skill in my repertoire!

Of course, a little sparkle or some other accents here or there might've been nice, but let's take all this one step at a time...

Total spent: $6.41

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