KonMarie + Categories!


I am not new to the KonMari method. I was introduced to Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up, in audio book-form about a year and a half ago. I did listen to some of it, and I understood the gist of keeping what brings you joy.

I even started folding my clothes and arranging them the KonMari way when I saw her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I find it to be a pretty useful message and method.

However, folding my clothing that way lasted about two weeks and I was over it.

It already takes long enough as it is!

I don’t think my closet got simple (small) enough for the method to really be attainable.


When I think about it, where I really do need organizing help and tips is in my bathroom closet!

I have a problem trying to find products that work for not only my hair, but also for my daughter’s different hair type and texture.

I also love DIY beauty projects, so you can imagine where I’m going with this…

I came across a lady on YouTube a while back named Brittany Vasseur. She’s very sweet, personable, and I like that her tips are easy, affordable and very nonjudgemental.

She has several hacks and cleaning videos that have helped me, and now I’m putting some of her Dollar Store tips to work!

I figured the best way to tackle this bathroom product issue was to categorize and then get bins to organize and keep it all straight.

I was lucky to already have a couple of bins to re-purpose, but I needed a few more to really get the job done.

I checked out the Dollar Tree and good ole Target. They usually have what fits the bill with these types of projects.

I found some cute bins and got to work splitting my items.

I decided to do one shelf for nails/miscellaneous, one for hair products, one for face (including teeth products), and last, one for all the tools like my flat iron, blow dryer, rollers, etc.


When I started digging deep I found old stuff like used razors and products I didn’t like but hung onto simply because I spent the money or thought I’d find a use for them.

It was kind of ridiculous!

I felt so much better once I combined the two women’s tips—Marie Kondo and Brittany Vasseur. I both kept what brought me joy and also organized using the bins-style method.

I feel like I have accomplished some great things!

I’ve learned not to hang onto things that I really have no use for and I can now easily access and find things based on category.

So far it’s awesome and I can see everything! Love it!


If you’re like me and need to do the bathroom overhaul, just dive in!

It’s never going to be at the top of your list, but it truly frees up space in your mind and helps you feel better prepared for your day when you’re getting ready each morning.

Good luck on your projects, everyone!


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