"L" is for "Love Nook"


I have been on a purging-fest in my house for the last few monthsslowly going through closets, old baby clothes, toys, stored boxes, etc. The more I see these minimal, organized, de-cluttered spaces on my fav YouTubers channels, or on TV in general, the more I find motivation for my space.

One of the places that have been building clutter is the nook by our front door. We don’t have a mud room (that is in the #dreamhome I’m working towards). In the mean time, we’ve used the nook as a place to keep our shoe cubby, a little stool for putting little shoes on little feet, and a place for daily travel necessities.

But, I have recently had a nook epiphany! A little dramatic I know, but we’re building here, lol...


My daughter, Jude, like many toddlers, has become a lover of costumes. And I fully encourage this love of hers, as does her awesome Aunt Damaris!

Damaris, being a lover of costumes and dress-up herself, was shopping after Halloween last fall and came upon a too-amazing-to-pass-up thrift store sale on toddler costumes! Some new, some gently used, all at crazy low prices—most ranging from $1 to $5 max!

Needless to say, Jude’s costume stash has become more like a mini costume store. I can’t lie though, I absolutely love that she has so much fun doing this and totally gets into the creativity and make-believe aspect of it all!

Anyway, after my epiphany, the nook is now going to be dedicated as the dress up nook! I scoured the Internet for dress-up and play area style ideas. I had a few ideas as well, but needed to really decide on a solid theme or color.

I fell in love with the whole up-cycled armoire/chest turned dress-up station! I began looking for used furniture immediately, and I found pieces I really loved that were no-muss-no-fuss, but were in the $200 to $300 range.

Nope, that’s not happening!

So, I began to look for pieces with character, but mostly the right design for Jude's needs.

Jude and I went to local Goodwill and finally found the right piece! I wanted to check the measurements if we found a piece, but also see if she was able to reach everything and open it herself without needing help. I want her to be able to dress up at her whim! One thing this little lady is into right now is autonomy and that’s a-okay by Mama!

I ended up finding an old TV stand/armoire that will work perfectly! And the best part is, double Bluebird + Blackberries points here because it was #allforajack$on!


The armoire is in great shape, just needs to be cleaned up well. Then in the Spring, when it’s warm enough, I am going to let Jude help pick out a paint color and I’ll spruce it up and add the hanging rod and mirror! Even with all of that, I’m still way under $200 like what I saw for sale! I am super excited about this project! I may even see if I can purchase a used can of paint from someone or from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show you all the finished product yet, but I will keep you posted on the progress on social media. Comment below if you’ve done an up-cycle similar to this, or have any advice on (nontoxic, child-safe) paints, sealers, and hardware for hanging the costumes!

Happy Valentine’s, you guys!

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