Let's Start with the Spice Rack...


We bought a house!!!

And in case you missed it, we had twins!!


When we added two newborns to our New York City apartment a couple of weeks ago, it became very apparent that we were officially out of space.

Luckily we had already purchased a home, and after 17 years of apartment-living in the city, it was time to say goodbye.

And yes, I cried.


But now my daughter, Ivy, can run laps around the pool, and I actually have room for two of everything, so it’s worth a couple of tears.

The big downfall though is that moving with newborns and a two year old…sucks.

I was already feeling like I was treading water, and now I feel like I’m drowning.

IMG_9127 (1).jpg

Now sometimes there are quiet moments—like right now, both twins are sleeping and Ivy is watching Mickey.

But even in these moments, I find myself looking around at the millions of things I need to put away and organize, and it’s driving me nuts.


So I thought I would propose this challenge as a way to motivate me to organize at least one corner of my life, and help me feel like things are semi under control.

Plus, I’ve always wanted to be able to easily view my spices, and now with more than one cabinet, I figure I can actually do that!


In fact, it seems like one of the drawers came with a spice organizer inside of it. At first I thought it was for knives and I was very confused, haha. But once I figured out what it was, I was pysched!

I quickly loaded up the racks with spices. Too quickly.

I only got a quarter of my spices in the drawer before I ran out of space.

So I started Googling…


There are racks like the one above—I actually own a couple and they are great space savers, but I hate pulling out all the shelves looking for the right spice.


Then there are cute racks for your countertop (above) or to hang on your wall (below)…


But the problem with both is that you need labels on the tops of all the containers, and it would be ideal to have pretty matching bottles.

Which is just not happening right now.

spice rack 1.jpg

I like the idea above, but does it really make the best use of cabinet space?

As you may have guessed, I didn’t actually find the perfect thing and I didn’t complete the challenge.

But what I’m learning is that sometimes you need to ask for help. And life is feeling a bit overwhelming right now. So help!

Give me your best ideas!

And if you want to throw in a kind word about how I’m doing great and don’t look a complete mess, I’ll take those, too! 😊


See what everyone else did ♥